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The name, Fridum, pronounced as [free-duhm] from Freedom "the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint (source)" is a manifestation of limitless innovation and creativity through our...

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planning permission

Commercial and residential developments require Planning Permission prior to any type of development. Planning looks at the external character and the volume of the development. There are two types of planning applications...

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building regulations

This is the second stage to the development process and Building Regulations apply to virtually all building extensions, new building works, the removal & provision of internal walls and structural alterations to buildings....

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party wall act

If the planned work to an existing structure falls under the Party Wall Act 1996 or excavations within 3m of the neighbouring building, a notice must be issued attaching detail drawings to all affected neighbouring parties prior to commencement. Neighboruing parties must give written agreement within 14...

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project management

We provide project management services by appointing our project managers working directly for the client. The main services include obtaining various quotations from subcontractors and suppliers selecting and appointing...

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structural surveys

Our structural engineering services include: Preliminary Design: For initial pricing and tendering Feasibility Studies...

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